Bjørnis comes to Kaperuka

Fireman Bjørnis, known for his work in communicating fire protection to children and adults, comes to Farsund during Kaperuka.

Bjørnis, which also functions as a comforting teddy bear for children in fire situations, is owned by Stiftelsen Brannbamsen Bjørnis.

The story behind the project started in 2012 at Trøndelag fire and rescue service as a tool to help children exposed to fire and accidents. The concept has since expanded to include preventive teaching materials for kindergartens, and more than 140 fire services across the country currently use Bjørnis in their work.

In November 2016, Bjørni's national main investment was in fire prevention work for kindergartens and younger children.

Welcome to an educational and safety-promoting experience with Bjørnis during Kaperuka in Farsund!

Bjørnis comes to Kaperuka on Thursday 11 July at 12.00. He has mates from the fire station and a real fire truck with him.

Fire teddy bear Bjørnis gives children care and safety in the event of fire and accidents, and has good advice on safety for everyone.

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