Concert with Rune Edvardsen's band, the stage on Torvet

Thursday, July 14, 2022
at 20.00

 - We look forward to a pleasant summer evening on the home front, says Rune Edvardsen. He and his band, which is best known for major music festivals in Asia, are now looking forward to playing during KAPERUKA in Farsund on 14 July.

As leader of the Saron Valley and Dina Foundation, Rune Edvardsen has become known as a peace activist and activist for a fairer distribution and the benefits of the world. He and the RED band with musicians from Norway and Sweden are best known for international music festivals in Asia and Africa, where they have toured since 1998.

- Our goal is to give young people faith that they can help change their own lives and the world for the better, no matter where they live, says Edvardsen.

Rune Edvardsen thinks the concert in Farsund will also be an extra pleasant celebration of his 60th birthday this July.

- This summer I want to use my birthday to focus on children with disabilities in the third world. We are building a large center for children in this category and their relatives in Uganda, which we hope is the beginning of more similar centers elsewhere in the world. The need is overwhelming, but we look forward to the great support we have begun to receive to help these children. It is clear that it touches something in many people.

Rune has three record releases behind him. The band includes Peter Carlsohn (bass), Stig Lindell (keyboards), Cutta / John Kåre Gullestad (guitar, vocals) Kniksen / Jan Aril Edvardsen Moi (drums).

The concert is on Torvet in Farsund center on Thursday 14 July. 20:00