Crab fishing with boiling

Thursday 11 July 2024
at 21.30 – 00.00

"Catching crabs" is an exciting way to fish for crabs that has a long tradition in Farsund.

Here you can take part in a really traditional crab trip. We go out in boats from Torvkaia at 22 and have smaller boats in tow with us. When we get to "good crab places" that acquaintance Svein Jarle Bruseland knows about, we switch to smaller rowing boats and row along the shore and light up for crabs and "peel them up with hooves or just fists". After a while we go ashore at Torvkaia in Farsund and cook the crabs. The finale is eating freshly cooked crabs.

The program is adapted for children.

Registration in Kaperkafeen on the square or by e-mail to There is a limited number that we have room for, and now the tour is already fully booked with participants.

Welcome to a wonderful "Farsundssiansk" experience