Watchman tour in Farsund

Friday 12 July 2024, Saturday 13 July 2024, Wednesday 10 July 2024, Sunday 14 July 2024, Thursday 11 July 2024
at 11.00

The tour starts at 11.00 at the Four Trees on Torvet.

The watchman shows off the gems of Farsund town and tells about the rich history of Farsund municipality. 

Most cities in Norway and Europe already had watchmen 400 – 500 years ago, Farsund is the one town out of two in Norway that still has a watchman. The watchman was the police of the night and guarded the city from criminals, fire and any other situations that might arise. 

In 1996, Farsund got its watchman back, Watchman Elin has shown the municipality and told the story ever since.

Meeting at the four trees on Torvet.