Join us back to the Middle Ages' most dramatic shipwreck outside Lista.

Saturday 13 July 2024
at 13.00 – 15.00

Backe's bow Saturday 13 July at 1 pm

In 1531, King Christian II lost two ships off Lista's coast. The married couple Linda and Håkon Reinertsen, who have made in-depth studies of ancient sources related to the folklore on Lista, will lift the veil of one of Northern Europe's most significant ship disasters during Kaperuka.

The incident marked the start of his fall from power and changed the course of political and economic currents in the region. The sailing route at Lister, which was once an important route for both merchant and war fleets, is central to their research.

THROUGH Through careful investigation, the Reinertsen couple have uncovered how this shipwreck was closely linked to the complex power play of the time.

During the lecture, they will also highlight the pirate Klaus Kniphoff's role in the maritime conflicts that arose in the wake of Christian II's loss. Kniphoff, a central figure in the region's history, helped shape the dramatic events that would mark Scandinavia in the years that followed.

Linda, currently a teacher, and Håkon, employed at the University of Agder, are both passionate amateur historians and lead the expedition group As members of The Explorers Club in New York, they bring a unique insight and commitment to their work. Their research provides a fascinating insight into how single events can have far-reaching consequences.

THE LECTURE at Backes Bu under Kaperuka will give the public a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in a dramatic period of our history. The couple will show how the shipwreck at Lista not only affected King Christian II, but also had wider implications for Europe's political landscape.

Join Linda and Håkon Reinertsen on a journey back to the 16th century Lista, and discover how the events of the past still resonate today. The lecture will be packed with historical insight and drama.

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