Caper journey with the sailing ships Fryden, Prøven and Skonnerten AIDA

Sunday, July 17, 2022
at 12.00 - 14.00

On Sunday 17.7 at 12–14, the Kaperferd can be arranged with the ships Skonnerten AIDA, Fryden and Prøven.

The journey starts from where the ships are in Farsund with Torvkaia at 12.

We sail in a small convoy (for motor) from Farsund, via Bjørnsundet, on to Eikvaag bay where we tell a little about the pirate era, before we continue out towards Loshavn and return to Farsund via Presøysundet

The program is adapted for children.

Registration in Kaperkafeen on the square or by email to

There is a limited number that we can accommodate.

Welcome to a wonderful "Farsundssiansk" experience.

Here are the ships:

The schooner Aida
The test
kaperuka mascot