«Sølvskonnerten» in Kulturbokhandelen

Wednesday, July 13, 2022
at 19.00

"Sølvskonnerten" - a ramshackle robbery story from reality

Welcome to an exciting lecture about mutiny on "Plattsburg", a forgotten story about mutiny, murder and greed. And a buried treasure on the Sørland coast.

The year is 1816. The schooner "Plattsburg" is on its way from Baltimore to Turkey to buy opium. On board are 19 chests with more than 40,000 gold and silver coins. Someone has heard about this, and outside Madeira the crew mutinies and throws the captain and two of the officers overboard. The mutineers must find a distant harbor to hide in, and point out the harbor Kleven outside Mandal. The mutineers are strewn with money, and their wild behavior makes its mark on the small place. The rumors eventually reach the American consul in Kristiansand, but by then most of the crew have already fled.

With the help of Norwegian and foreign sources, historian and author Dag Hundstad tells vividly and dramatically about the fateful journey and the hunt for the guilty around Europe. "Sølvskonnerten" is an international story about an American ship, with an unlikely, but true, connection to Agder and Norway. The book is wonderful entertainment about hard-boiled sailors, a rough life on water, fierce partying on land - and not least: the crazy hunt for a solid silver treasure.

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the silver schooner