Ukrainian refugees occupy the turf scene with music and song

Friday, July 15, 2022
at 16.00

Appearance of Ukrainian refugees living in Farsund

Jan Hoholm, who is the leader of the mission foundation Action for Hope, leads this feature where grateful Ukrainians share their feelings and thoughts. The contrasts are great. After strenuous escape from bombs and grenades, they now experience peace and compassion and love.

There will be songs in Ukrainian, and there will be humorous input, but also seriousness, because all Ukrainians have someone they know who is either in the war, or has been a victim of war in one way or another.

Aksjon for Håp has run missions and aid projects in e.g. Ukraine and ca. 30 years. As soon as the war broke out, an extensive fundraising campaign was launched, and funds are constantly being transferred to Action for Hope's faithful local partners in Ukraine, who help people on the run. They endanger their own lives by bringing food, medicine, etc. to people suffering in the war zones.

During this Ukrainian feature, it will be encouraged to contribute support to war victims in Ukraine through Vipps: 624039 or bank account: 2801 08 06048.

More information about Action for Hope can be found at: 

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