13.-17. July 2022, Torvet in Farsund

KAPERUKA is a completely new event. It can be said that it is a total renewal of the Kaperdagene and Kapersjøslaget we know from before. From Jansen's plan to Fern Sunde's place (Baches Bu) we set the time back to the pirate era in the early 1800s with scenery, sand, stalls, sailing ships +++

Here you can meet Captain Kaper - the "environmentalist". BUA has a lot of activities. There will be a number of concerts and visits to the sailing ships. The horseman has an open ship every day. There will be rowing competitions, carpentry, crab fishing and crab cooking, pirate stories for children, humor vitamins, security trips, stalls with applied art and local food, knotting and splicing, Listerskøytas and Kystlaget's apprenticeship workshop, dance lessons, Elias and Redningsselskap etc. Many activities take several days.

We end the week with a brand new pirate game (newly written) on Sunday 17 July.

Bring the family and come to Farsund 13.-17. July.

kaperuka mascot