The caper game

"The year is 1808, and Norway is at war. On orders from the king in Copenhagen, we are fighting the English, who have sent their ships into the Skagerrak and cut us off from Danish grain and military aid. In Norwegian cities, people are starving, but down here on the coast we have the opportunity to fight back against the English. The fishermen of the district have put cannons in their boats, and are sailing out to sea to capture English ships. These ships are transported back to Loshavn and Farsund, where they are sold at auction. This is the Hijacking era.

But the English have grown tired of what we are doing - and they have made a cunning plan. While all the hijackers are out on a cruise, the English frigate has HSE Childers been sent to burn down the city. The only one left is the 69-year-old captain Jonas Johnsen, along with other old people, plus women and children. They only have one ace up their sleeve: the cannon known as "The Little Devil".

Johnsen's son, skipper Jonas Jonassen, and his crew are on their way back to Farsund on the pirate ship The wizard. The only question is whether the city will be on fire when they arrive..."

The caper game is based on a true story and will take place on the square and in the harbor basin in Farsund. In this caper, the audience becomes our old men, women and children who must save the city.

We encourage everyone to dress up in 1808 and fight together to save the city!