Gathers coastal culture enthusiasts under Kaperuka

From 9 to 16 July, Prestøy in Farsund will host the Nordic coastal culture seminar Vinden Drar.

The seminar, which is held in the middle of Kaperuka, gathers 150 participants from all over the Nordic region.

- We are looking forward to a week filled with sailing and coastal culture, says Olav Tømmerstigen from the event committee.

The participants come from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland to experience local coastal culture and sail traditional open utility boats.

Vinden Drar has been an annual event since 1985, and has been held at various locations in the Nordic region. This year, the participants will get an introduction to Southern Norway's privateer history, Listskøyta's history, and wrecks in the archipelago, in addition to a general introduction to local coastal culture.

A 22-foot Knivsvik schooner has been built especially for the occasion, and a total of 15 boats will be part of the flotilla. The members of Vinden Drar and their boats will also be seen as backdrops in this year's Kaperspill.

For more information about Vinden Drar and this year's event, you can visit

This seminar gives both locals and visitors a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the rich history of coastal culture, and it is expected that it will attract many curious souls to Farsund this summer.