The Kulturkelleren at Farbrot: Tor Arve, Mariann Nedland & he André and he 3dje, the stage at Torvet

Saturday 15 July 2023
at 18.00

Tor Arve Barøy runs the Kulturkjelleren at Farbrot in Spind, and now he is moving the concept, and specially carved backdrops, to Torvet in Farsund.

The concert is led by Tor Arve Barøy, and with him is multi-instrumentalist Daniel Hinderaker.

15 July, when the trio Tor Arve & he André and he 3rd play on stage at Torvet. An informal trio that plays both major and minor. But even minor is played with good mood.

Welcome to the "Kulturkelleren på Torvet"

Farbrot 2022-07-15 18.55.26