21 March 2024

20 Easter eggs have been placed in various places (see picture) in Farsund municipality for Easter 2024. The eggs will be laid out on Monday 25 March. One egg in each of the places. First person to find the egg: Take a picture of where you are and the egg, and send it to Kaptein Kaper on tel. 91137684. Afterwards - - enjoy the content...

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Hooray for Kindergarten Day!!!

12 March 2024

ON the BIG Kindergarten Day, Captain Kaper announces that Sudden Circus is coming to Kaperuka: Sudden Circus will, together with the kindergartens open in Farsund municipality under Kaperuka, visit Listaheimen and Farsund care center and have a performance there during Kaperuka. This was also carried out in 2023 and was a HUGE success. Lots of happy people…

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Three environmental challenges at Kaperuka! !

13 July 2023

Do something good for the environment and that's not enough - be in with a chance of winning a family ticket to Kristiansand Animal Park (up to 5 people) How, you say?? yes - listen here: Either you go to BUA's stand at Fern Sunde's place and join in...

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The privateering prize in 2023 is awarded to Alf Arian Loshavn

12 July 2023

This year's winner of the Kaperprisen has many irons in the fire. This passionate person works a bit quietly, but carries out a number of voluntary tasks that mean a lot to many. A lot of time, effort and commitment is put into preserving local history. Buildings for shared use are put in order, paths are opened up, cultural landscapes are maintained...

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Who can hang on the longest?

7 July 2023

Kaperuka gets its own variation of "Jerngrep", a well-known exercise from the TV series Mesternes Mester. The iron rod is replaced with rope.

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Will showcase the city's proud wooden boat tradition

7 July 2023

This year too, there will be a carpentry race under Kaperuka. The goal is not just to win the fastest boat.

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Regatta with gigasup in the harbor basin

6 July 2023

Two teams of up to seven people on each board will duel. BUA manager Øystein Mikalsen hopes the competition can be a crowd pleaser.

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Welcome to Kunstgata

21 June 2023

The niche shops join forces and turn Kirkegaten into an art street under Kaperuka. - We close the car park between the Nordea building and Galleri Farsund, and invite young and old to an art and culture workshop, says Anne Bente Birkeland. Joining the team are Galleri Farsund owner ceramicist Jan Christian Hvistendahl, tailor Agnieszka Johansen and cabinetmaker Hilde Lysbakken - who...

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This year's Kaperuka program is released here

10 June 2023

With a tug-of-war competition in best pirate style, this year's Kaperuka program was launched. - We have been looking forward to presenting this year's programme, which is the result of good contributions from many people, says Erling Jakobsen, who is chairman of Kaperuka. In recent weeks, the board has been working late and early to put together the various activities and offers.…

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Supports Kaperuka with NOK 150,000

9 June 2023

Sparebanken Sør has granted NOK 150,000 in support to Kaperuka. - Kaperuka is a fantastic initiative that creates life in the city for residents and visitors, says Arvid Lillejord, who is bank manager at the bank's branch in Farsund. He emphasizes the spirit of service in the Kaperlauget, and hopes to be able to support the event annually in the future. - Of course, we cannot promise...

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