The privateering prize in 2023 is awarded to Alf Arian Loshavn

This year's winner of the Kaperprisen has many irons in the fire. This passionate person works a bit quietly, but carries out a number of voluntary tasks that mean a lot to many. A lot of time, effort and commitment is put into preserving local history. Buildings for shared use are put in order, paths are opened up, cultural landscapes are maintained and old thoroughfares are maintained. Applications are sent out to raise funds, old photographs and historic place names are collected and categorized, for the enjoyment of both present and future generations. An important work! He has previously been awarded the Ildsjelprisen from Norway's Velforbund - this firebrand has held various positions in Loshavn and Eikvåg Vel since 1984. For almost 40 years! He is still head of Loshavn Fortidsvern, the fine prayer house and Loshuset have now been fully restored, and the Færøytårnet was completed in 2021.

The time has come to honor ALF ARIAN LOSHAMN for the great efforts he has made in and for Loshavn and the surrounding area.

Congratulations on the Kaperprisen 2023, so well deserved!