Regatta with gigasup in the harbor basin

Two teams of up to seven people on each board will duel. BUA manager Øystein Mikalsen hopes the competition can be a crowd pleaser.

- I think that this can be fun and quite spectacular, says BUA boss Øystein Mikalsen.

At 5 pm every day through Kaperuka, a new regatta is organized. The competition is open to everyone.

Registration takes place via Facebook or by attending BUA at Fern Sunde plass. Basically, the first-come, first-served principle is applied. But if there is a lot of interest, Mikalsen is prepared to run several heats every day.

The Gigasups are 5.75 meters long. A maximum of seven people can fit on each board.

- This is a typical family activity. Young and old can take part here, says Mikalsen.

BUA provides both life jackets and paddles.

 - And if someone needs a wetsuit, that's no problem either, says Mikalsen, who wants a manned boat lying in the harbor basin to pick up participants who fall into the sea and can't bear to swim ashore.

How long the paddling trip will be is currently unclear. The route will depend somewhat on the weather and wind.

- Currents in the harbor basin will make it difficult to maneuver the gigasups, even without wind. So we have to take a look at it, says the BUA manager, who promises prizes to the winning teams.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications