Welcome to Kunstgata

The niche shops join forces and turn Kirkegaten into an art street under Kaperuka.

- We close the car park between the Nordea building and Galleri Farsund, and invite young and old to an art and culture workshop, says Anne Bente Birkeland.

Joining the team are Galleri Farsund owner ceramicist Jan Christian Hvistendahl, tailor Agnieszka Johansen and cabinetmaker Hilde Lysbakken - all of whom operate businesses in Kirkegaten. In addition, guitar maker Edvard Steijn from Korshamn.

- IT'S GREAT with big shops, but it is also important to preserve the nerve of what was once Farsund town and which we, who run a niche shop, are representatives of. We hope to be able to lure people up from Torvet and show them what we are up to, says Birkeland.

The workshop will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12 noon to 3 pm during Kaperuka. There will be an opportunity to explore a number of art and craft disciplines.

- WITH ME you will be able to decorate cups and have them glazed, says Hvistendahl.

- I will offer to draw patterns that you can then embroider. I will also show different sewing techniques and perhaps also machine sewing, says Johansen.

- As a local upholsterer, I really want to teach some "basic skills". You will be able to try your hand at the needle, and you do not need to bring your own furniture, explains Lysbakken.

- I want to start painting and playing with colours. There will be an art exhibition inside the gallery. I will bring with me visual artists Henning O. Ertzeid and Anne Haugland as assistants. In addition, Edvard Steijn will sit here and make guitars, says Birkeland, and adds:

- We plan for this to be a family activity, not a place where you can place the children and leave. The aim is to showcase different types of professions and do things together.

EXCEPT the glazing of the ceramic cups, which does involve some costs, all activities will be free.

Johansen and Lysbakken hope more people will open their eyes to the fact that traditional crafts and practical subjects can be a career opportunity.

- It's fun to do something with your hands, whether it's embroidering or decorating cups, says Johansen.

- We hope to be able to light a flame in children and young people, says Lysbakken.

Text and photo: Sveinung W. Jensen, Tellus Communications

Art street people: Anne Bente Birkeland (tv), Agnieszka Johansen, Hilde Lysbakken and Jan Christian Hvistendahl.