Quality of life. A conversation between Kjetil Klungland and Øystein Mikalsen is moved to the Bakgårdsfest tent on Jahnsen's plan.

Saturday 15 July 2023
at 14.30 – 15.30

On Saturday 16 July, Kjetil Klungland will come to Kaperuka and s/s AIDA and will share thoughts with us about "Quality of Life". Klungeland lost his father during the NOKAS robbery in Stavanger in April 2004. 

The theme evening "Quality of life" with Kjetil Klungland

in the conversation, he takes us on his journey from the day his father, Arne Klungeland, was brutally killed, and to reconciliation. Among other things, by seeing his father in the police car, trying to gather as much information as possible and by seeking out everyone who was in prison after the NOKAS robbery. He has always had the look of forgiveness, even though the concept of forgiveness has given him a new dimension.

Klungland has told his story to the country's largest media houses such as NRK and VG and has been interviewed on Skavland.

Øystein Mikalsen himself was working as a journalist in Dagbladet when Noka's robbery happened.

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