Concert with Lars Jakob Rudjord, on stage at Torvet

Sunday, July 17, 2022
at 21.00

NOTE: Unfortunately, due to illness, the concert with Ingvild Koksvik is cancelled. The corona has visited again, and completely put the singing voice out of action for a little while. But Farsundsfolk are solution-oriented, and luckily pianist Lars Jakob Rudjord has thrown himself around and promised to play instead! 

Lars Jakob Rudjord from Farsund makes instrumental music that takes you to places you've never been before. His melodies are often inspired by Norwegian folk music and Nordic folklore. And even if the music is without words, the songs are always about something, whether it's the hum of a 50's Marna engine, the view from Lista Lighthouse, feeling a little small under a massive starry sky, or the pulsating big city life in Rome or New York. He also takes you into the country, with music inspired by his great-great-grandfather - the fighter and great dancer Kjempe-Jo from Tovdal. 

Lars Jakob Rudjord has established himself as a solid name as a performer and composer on the new, modern classical music scene, and garnered praise such as "It's just to lower your shoulders and let the stress feeling disappear" (Fædrelandsvennen), "...gloriously cinematic but electronically enhanced piano compositions, with a visual flourish" (Under The Radar Mag, UK) and "...a soundtrack composer in a modern classicalist's skin. You'll be pressing start all over again” (Drifting, Almost Falling, US). He also recently made his debut as a film composer, with the music for the NRK documentary "Therese - the girl who disappeared". 

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